Healthy Productivity and Well-being

Your ability to maintain productivity is directly proportional to your ability to relax and recharge
Effective planning methods can help you find a work-life balance and boost your healthy productivity

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When was the last time you felt highly productive?

You probably felt like you were in control of the situation, you were not stressed out perhaps even the opposite, more relaxed motivated, and focused. You felt you were making noticeable progress toward your goals. Time passed quickly even unnoticed. Everything went easily.

Would you like to maintain such healthy productivity more often?

Learn How to be More Productive and Plan Efficiently

If you are looking for answers:

  • how to increase your productivity so you can achieve your goals faster
  • how to plan more efficiently your tasks and projects
  • what are the best methods of time management
  • how to prioritize and create an appropriate calendar structure
  • how to build new healthy habits and routine
  • how to find the best project and time management tool

Let’s talk. It is likely that after 9 years of working on a variety of projects at an advertising agency and trying out a lot of time management methods and tools, I will have the answer for you.

Aiste Tumaite / Customer Support Specialist / @0h0y0

Finally! I found productivity tips that work FOR ME!

I really enjoyed the one-on-one session with Aya. I found it super useful. First, I had to do my homework providing her with a description of the problems I face. Thus, when I got to the session she had the consultation tailored to my personal needs. During the session, I got a very clear idea of how it is going to work, which helped me have a clear vision of the process. The theory was very useful, however, the individual practical tips for my personal problems were golden! I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I really believe I can take over my life and have a real work-life balance! Thanks, Aya!

Learn How to Relax and Recharge

RECHARGE Online Yoga Course

Designed exclusively for:
* busy women entrepreneurs
* professionals in their field 
* yoga beginners

These yoga videos can help you relax after a hard week, balance so that you can make the right decisions in your work, and get more energy so that you can continue achieving your goals.

8 yoga 
videos. A program for the whole month

For beginners

Practice wherever you want and whenever you need

Save your time. Only 30 min per video

Elise Lorraine

Really enjoyed Aya's yoga class this morning! Very clear, calming instructions, lovely flow through the poses and gentle loosening throughout - what a great way to start the day! Thanks Aya! 🙏

Mileta Navickaitė

Besides Aya's talent to work with a group and each individual at the same time, she is very professional. Every class is well prepared, paid a lot of attention for every exercise equally. She cares a lot about each trainee's well-being, body‘s and emotional situation. After the first class already you can feel on the way of the progress your body is about to make.

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Exercise "Create More Space in Your Mind"

Do you know what is the real scope of your work?
This is the very first step to do before start planning anything.
Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts, projects, tasks and create more space for new ones. 

Online Products and Services

The following services and products are designed to help optimize your time, feel better, and make your daily routine easier. Choose the most suitable service or product for you.

Productivity Consultation
(90-minutes online)

Learn the most effective methods how to plan your time and achieve your goals faster.

Boost Your Productivity.
9-step system

Soon! Be the first to know when the product launches.

Online Yoga Course

This program is exclusively tailored for busy women entrepreneurs to relax and recharge.

Private Yoga Class
(1-hour online)

Practice in a convenient place and suitable time.

Free Products

Create More Space in Your Mind

Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and create more space for new ideas, projects and business.

Make Yoga a Habit

7-step online program will help you finally find time to practice yoga and make it a habit. 

Get this program for free by joining the RECHARGE
Online Yoga Course

Guide for Yogis

This guide is designed to help you prepare for your yoga practice to get the most out of it and avoid injuries as much as possible.
This guide will help you in any yoga class, whether you practice with a teacher or personally.

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