I am Aya, 

I always enjoyed planning and organizing all sorts of things in my life since childhood. A clear structure and plan always motivated and helped achieve goals. While it’s natural for me, I realize it’s not easy for everyone, so my goal is to help simplify planning process, and also help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers improve their healthy productivity by teaching them efficient time and energy management.

I have been a marketing agency co-owner for 9 years, during which time I worked in projects and ad campaigns management.

In those years I analyzed many different time and project management methods and tools that we used in our advertising agency together with clients, partners, and colleagues. I also worked with various teams, both remotely and on-site. This experience helped me to learn even better about productivity and different ways of working, discipline, and motivation.

During those years I worked not only on planning, project management, and advertising campaigns but also on many organizational tasks, such as organizing events, various business meetings, and video shootings. This experience helped me to learn about the organizational processes, the importance of advance preparation, and how to deal with unplanned situations.

A few photos from marketing conferences with Seth Godin, Neil Patel and Jean-Claude Van Damme

But long working hours and heavy workloads come at a price. I have also faced a number of challenges over those years, such as constant headaches, neck pain after sitting many hours in front of the computer, stress, anxiety, and fatigue. My fellow entrepreneurs have also faced similar challenges. So for a while it seemed like a natural thing. But is it good to always be tired?

I started looking for balance. And one thing I was missing was finding ways to relax and recover. I started practicing yoga several years ago. Now I can say walks in nature, yoga, and in general, physical activity were the best solutions for me that really helped to relax, recharge and find that balance. Afterward, I wanted to dive deeper and finished 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training.

So I finally realized how important work-life (or work-rest) balance is in order to be truly productive and achieve goals.

Now I want to help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers like yourself to learn what it really means to be productive. I want to help you learn how to effectively plan your time but also not forget a work-rest balance. So in my productivity training, I include topics like rest, energy, and yoga. 

True productivity comes when you feel good and have enough energy to achieve your goals.

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Founder of vivoWOW.com | Productivity Trainer | Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H)  -  Yoga Alliance profile. | Certified Google Project Manager Author of programs: Boost Healthy Productivity and Recharge Online Yoga Course | Co-owner of a Digital Marketing Agency InternetIdeas.co | Certified Ad Campaign Manager with 9 years of practical experience

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