Manage Your Time

Online Courses for Healthy Productivity and Well-being

What does toxic productivity look like?



constant fatigue

no energy, motivation and time

stress and anxiety

hard to get results

What does healthy productivity look like?

more time
more energy
easier to concentrate
more motivation
improved work-life balance
control of the situation
easy to get results
more relaxation
ability to plan

How to Improve Healthy Productivity

Your ability to maintain productivity is directly proportional to your ability to manage your time and energy. 

Time Management

Without time management, you will be distracted and it will be harder to achieve your goals.

Effective planning methods can improve time management.

Energy Management

Without energy, you will be tired and unable to implement your plan.

So it's essential to find ways to recharge your energy, which can be different for everyone.

About the Online Courses

Time or Energy Management

Choose what you need most today and improve your healthy productivity and well-being. 

Save Your Time

Structured, clear, and practical. All lessons are adapted for people who do not have lots of time for learning.

Your Pace and Your Space

Connect from anywhere in the world and enjoy your online lessons.


If you want a personalized experience, you can book one-on-one online meeting. 

Time Management





  • increase your productivity so you can achieve your goals faster
  • plan more efficiently your tasks and projects
  • learn the best methods of time management
  • learn how to prioritize and create an appropriate calendar structure
  • learn how to build new healthy habits and routine
  • improve your work-life balance

Energy Management

RECHARGE Online Yoga Course

These yoga videos can help you relax after a hard week, balance so that you can make the right decisions in your work, and get more energy so that you can continue achieving your goals.

8 yoga
videos. A program for the whole month

For beginners

Practice wherever you want and whenever you need

Save your time. Only 30 min per video

What People Say About Productivity Consultations and Courses

Aiste Tumaite
Customer Support Specialist

Finally! I found productivity tips that work FOR ME!

I really enjoyed the one-on-one session with Aya. I found it super useful. First, I had to do my homework providing her with a description of the problems I face. Thus, when I got to the session she had the consultation tailored to my personal needs. During the session, I got a very clear idea of how it is going to work, which helped me have a clear vision of the process. The theory was very useful, however, the individual practical tips for my personal problems were golden! I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I really believe I can take over my life and have a real work-life balance! Thanks, Aya!

AiDA Sniraite
Founder & Creative Director at Authentic Interior

Such an important topic!

Everyone mentions productivity, 5am club, etc., but nobody, literally nobody tells that being healthy and listening to your body is way more important because otherwise you'll be burnout, tired and never reach your goals. That's why I love your approach! 

Raul Rodrigues
Ceo of

I was impressed with the structure of the course

I recently had the opportunity to take Aya's Personal Organization course, which allowed me to revisit and deepen key concepts that have already made a significant impact on my life and continue to help me every day. I was impressed with the structure of the course, which seamlessly connected various areas to create a comprehensive understanding of personal organization. Aya did an exceptional job in making the course both informative and practical, allowing for easy implementation in daily life. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve their personal organization and I hope that it will reach and positively impact many more individuals in the future. 

What People Say About Yoga Classes

Elise Lorraine

What a great way to start the day!

Really enjoyed Aya's yoga class this morning! Very clear, calming instructions, lovely flow through the poses and gentle loosening throughout. Thanks Aya! 🙏

Mileta Navickaitė

After the first class already you can feel on the way of the progress your body is about to make

Besides Aya's talent to work with a group and each individual at the same time, she is very professional. Every class is well prepared, paid a lot of attention for every exercise equally. She cares a lot about each trainee's well-being, body‘s and emotional situation. 

Free Download

Exercise "Create More Space in Your Mind"

Do you know what is the real scope of your work?
This is the very first step to do before start planning anything.
Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts, projects, tasks and create more space for new ones. 

Free Products

Create More Space in Your Mind

Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and create more space for new ideas, projects and business.

Guide for Yogis

This guide is designed to help you prepare for your yoga practice to get the most out of it and avoid injuries as much as possible.
This guide will help you in any yoga class, whether you practice with a teacher or personally.

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