A Calm Mind is Key for High Achievers

According to a survey by Tim Ferriss, more than 80% of world-class performers
practice mindfulness or meditation

It helps achieve:
peak productivity
increased creativity
improved focus and clarity
enhanced decision-making 

However, many find Meditation DIFFICULT

difficulty focusing

difficulty sitting still

difficulty calming the mind

There are other solutions how to practice meditation.
For instance, Google CEO Sundar Pichai prefers to practice NSDR | Nidra.

What's NSDR | Nidra?

NSDR | Nidra

It's a technique that allows you to achieve a state of conscious relaxation, promoting a deep sense of calmness and rejuvenation. This practice does not involve any physical activity, so you can lie down comfortably and just relax.

NSDR is a term coined by Stanford neuroscience professor Andrew Huberman. NSDR is very similar to Yoga Nidra.
- it's a guided meditation, making it easier to maintain focus and well-suited for beginners
- different stages for different goals, including body awareness, breath awareness, body scan, and visualization
- the main focus is on mind and body relaxation
- many benefits for improving clarity, focus, and productivity
- fits into any busy schedule (5-60 min)

Your Own Personalized NSDR | Nidra Session
(powered with AI)

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, especially when talking about high achievers.
Everyone has their own unique needs, preferences, and goals.
Meditation sessions are most beneficial and effective when they resonate with your own needs.
Now, new technologies such as AI allows create a completely personalized session.
Our AI is very strictly trained (by yoga teachers) to provide only high quality recordings

Hack your way to becoming a TOP HIGH ACHIEVER.

Tailor your NSDR | Nidra sessions
to your own needs

Session Goal

Different days you need different goals, maybe it's relaxation, focus, or

Session Duration

Adapt to you busy schedule, choose 5-30 min depending how much time you have


Make your visualization more effective, choose environment you like the most (see, forest, mountains, etc.)

Session voice

Choose voice that resonates with you the most.

Try NSDR | Nidra NOW

Find a comfortable and quiet place where you won't be disturbed and explore a state of profound relaxation.
(These Nidra sessions are recorded by Aya Jokub without AI)

16 min Yoga Nidra sessions

10 min Yoga Nidra sessions

Aya Jokub

Founder of vivoWOW.com | Yoga Teacher (RYT 200H)  
Host of vivoWOW YouTube channel

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