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This Cookie Policy explains what cookies and similar technologies are used in this site and how. It explains what these technologies are and why we use them, as well as your rights to control our use of them. Please read this Cookie Policy in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, which sets out additional details on who we are, how we use personally identifiable information and explains your various rights.


A "Cookie" is a piece of information that is stored on your computer's hard drive and which records how you move your way around a website so that when you revisit that website, it can present tailored options based on the information stored about your last visit. Cookies can also be used to analyse traffic and for advertising and marketing purposes. Cookies are used by nearly all websites and do not harm your system.


 •  make our website work as you would expect;    
 •  remember your settings during and between visits;    
 •  improve the speed and security of the website;    
 •  ensure that you can customize the website to your needs, so you can quickly find what you are looking for;    
 •  improve our marketing strategy;    
 •  improve our services and products;    
 •  constantly improve the website to make it even more engaging.


The cookies used in general are:

a) Depending on who places the cookies:

•  First-party cookies are those set by a website that is being visited by the user at the time.
•  Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by a domain other than that of the website being visited by the user.

b) Depending on the period of time they remain active in the terminal:

•  Session cookies - these are only stored on your computer during your web session and are automatically deleted when you close your browser – they usually store an anonymous session ID allowing you to browse a website without having to log in to each page but they do not collect any personal data from your computer;
•  Persistent cookies - a persistent cookie is stored as a file on your computer and it remains there when you close your web browser. The cookie can be read by the website that created it when you visit that website again (for example, we use persistent cookies for Google Analytics);

c) Depending on the aim for which the data is obtained via cookies:

• Necessary/essentials    
• preferences    
• analytics/statistics    
• marketing      
(These cookies are defined in a cookie declaration table below.)


All the cookies that we use in this website are listed in a cookie declaration table, provided below and is updated from time to time. Such cookie declaration specifies the types, purpose and expiry of cookies used in this website.

You can manage your cookie preferences and to change or withdraw your cookie consent at any time, as provided herein.

Your consent applies to the following domains:


Our Cookie Policy may also be amended from time to time. We might not notify you, or the information about changes and updates might not reach you, so please, visit this website regularly to keep abreast of updates.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Cookie Policy, your rights and our use of cookies, please send us an email to [email protected]