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Why is Healthy Structure Important?

  • How often do you encounter distractions (especially digital ones) that prevent you from being productive?
    25 minutes - that's how long it takes to return to a task after being interrupted. (1)

  • How often do you feel overwhelmed by the volume of tasks, responsibilities, or information?
    69% of remote workers report increased overwhelm from digital tools. (2)

  • Do you sometimes feel like you're in the midst of total chaos and on the edge of overwork or burnout?
    53% of managers report feeling burned out at work. (3)

1 according to Gloria Mark, who studies digital distractions
2 by Forbes Advisor survey
3 as stated by Microsoft’s most recent global survey of workers across multiple industries and companies published in September 2022

The best solution to deal with chaos is to create a healthy structure.
A healthy structure is an organized, systematic, and well-balanced approach that promotes overall well-being.
It involves creating a framework that supports physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • Structure creates more productivity
  • Structure gives you more freedom and flexibility
  • Structure allows you to manage your time better
  • Structure helps create healthier habits and routines
  • Structure helps create better work-life balance/harmony

Online Products and Services


with automated Google Sheet templates 




The most important thing is not the tool itself, but the SYSTEM. Especially when it comes to information, project and task management. In Google sheets, it's simply easier to understand the essence and learn how to create your own system and structure, but later you can adapt everything to any tool you like (e.g. Notion, ClickUp, etc.).

  • Get more clarity
  • Plan more efficiently your tasks and projects
  • Increase your productivity
  • Build new healthy habits and routines
  • Track your energy levels


with yoga and meditation




Yoga and meditation are invaluable tools for reducing inner distractions and overwhelm, which are common challenges in the remote work environment. Both practices can train the mind to stay focused and undistracted, giving you better control over your thoughts and mental state, also both can provide a relaxing and balancing effect.

Video and audio recordings for better convenience

Suitable for beginners

Practice wherever you want and whenever you need

Save your time with short sessions

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