Why Is It Hard to Get Things Done?

Time Management

Without time management you will be distracted; and it will be harder to achieve your goals.

Energy Management

Without energy you will be tired and unable to implement your plan. 

Both Time and Energy 

Lack of time and energy management leads to toxic productivity. 

TOXIC Productivity?

Toxic productivity is highly related to:
  • Burnout and exhaustion.
  • Stress, anxiety, body aches.
  • Constant self-pressure and overworking. 
  • No enjoyment of the process and results.
  • Low self-esteem and FOMO (fear of missing out).
Are you in a circle of toxic productivity?

It's very easy to get into toxic productivity. The environment encourages us to work more and faster. Multitasking has become a completely normal thing but maintaining a balance between different areas of life has become difficult.

There are many good tools that encourage you to plan, make the most of every minute of your day, have as many goals as possible and achieve them as quickly as possible. Because, otherwise, it means you are unproductive?

In this way, we get stuck in a cycle where being busy becomes more important than being productive.

What Actually Helps Improve Healthy Productivity?

Your ability to maintain productivity is directly proportional to your ability to manage your time and energy.

How to do it in practice? Follow these three steps:

First things first — get back to basics. Clarify your direction. Why is it important for you to do what you do? Are your goals in line with your values? Improving productivity without knowing your direction will just speed up and increase your confusion along the way. "If your ladder is up against the wrong wall, you will just get to the wrong place faster."

Second, you need a guide to answer the question of how you will reach your direction. This is where the real planning begins. Successful time and project planning helps to improve efficiency and accelerate the achievement of goals.

And the last thing is your actions, which determine whether your plan will be successfully implemented. Your good and bad habits determine what you do every day. Every small step counts. Your choices of actions determine not only how quickly you reach your goal, but also how much energy you use and how you recharge it.

All three parts are important and related to each other.

Healthy productivity means that you have energy, motivation, healthy habits, and enough time to reach your goals. 
It allows you to enjoy the process more, feel good and actually achieve a result.

If you want to learn more how to incorporate these three parts into your life,
I invite you to join the Boost Healthy Productivity online course

About the Author

I have been a digital marketing agency co-owner for 9 years, during which time I worked on projects and ad campaign management. In those years I analyzed many different time and project management methods and worked with various teams. 

I always enjoyed planning and organizing all sorts of things in my life since childhood. A clear structure and plan always motivated and helped achieve goals. While it’s natural for me, I realize it’s not easy for everyone, so my goal is to simplify planning process, also help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers improve their healthy productivity by teaching them efficient time and energy management.

Aya Jokub

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I really enjoyed the one-on-one session with Aya. I found it super useful.
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