Why Is It Hard to Get Things Done?

Poor Time Management

Without time management you will be distracted; and it will be harder to achieve your goals.

Poor Energy Management

Without energy you will be tired and unable to implement your plan. 

Do You Know What The Consequences Are?

Poor time and energy management lead to a lack of productivity or other extreme - toxic productivity. Toxic productivity happens when people focus too much on being productive while not managing their energy and time reserves and become more busy than truly productive. This can cost not only the lack of balance between different areas of life but also health.

lack of productivity is highly related to:
  • Lack of focus (constant distractions and interruptions) or motivation.
  • Procrastination.
  • Poor organization.
  • Poor prioritization of tasks.
  • Limited self-discipline or lack of accountability.
  • Difficulty setting and achieving goals.
  • Difficulty staying on top of or managing information overload.
  • Toxic productivity is highly related to:
  • Constant self-pressure and overworking.
  • Poor prioritization of tasks.
  • Overcommitting or taking on too much.
  • Difficulty dealing with burnout, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, body aches.
  • Low self-esteem and FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • No enjoyment of the process and results.
  • Always trying to stay as productive as possible at any cost.
  • Are you in a circle of inefficiency or toxic productivity?

    It's all too easy to fall into the trap of toxic productivity these days. Society pressures us to work harder and faster, and multitasking has become the norm. Inefficiency is seen as a weakness, which creates even more tension.

    It can also be tough to find balance in different areas of our lives. The constant pressure can trap us in a cycle where being busy is more important than being truly productive.

    What Actually Helps Improve Healthy Productivity?

    Your ability to maintain productivity is directly proportional to your ability to manage your time and energy.

    How to do it in practice? Follow these three steps:

    First things first — get back to basics. Clarify your direction. Why is it important for you to do what you do? Are your goals in line with your values? Improving productivity without knowing your direction will just speed up and increase your confusion along the way. "If your ladder is up against the wrong wall, you will just get to the wrong place faster."

    Second, you need a guide to answer the question of how you will reach your direction. This is where the real planning begins. Successful time and project planning helps to improve efficiency and accelerate the achievement of goals.

    And the last thing is your actions, which determine whether your plan will be successfully implemented. Your good and bad habits determine what you do every day. Every small step counts. Your choices of actions determine not only how quickly you reach your goal, but also how much energy you use and how you recharge it.

    All three parts are important and related to each other.

    Healthy productivity means that you have energy, motivation, healthy habits, and enough time to reach your goals. 

    If you want to learn more how to incorporate these three parts into your life,
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    About the Author

    I have been a digital marketing agency co-owner for 9 years, during which time I worked on projects and ad campaign management. In those years I analyzed many different time and project management methods and worked with various teams. 

    I always enjoyed planning and organizing all sorts of things in my life since childhood. A clear structure and plan always motivated and helped achieve goals. While it’s natural for me, I realize it’s not easy for everyone, so my goal is to simplify the planning process, and also help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers improve their healthy productivity by teaching them efficient time and energy management.

    Aya Jokub

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    Aiste Tumaite
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    Finally! I found productivity tips that work FOR ME!

    I really enjoyed the one-on-one session with Aya. I found it super useful. First, I had to do my homework providing her with a description of the problems I face. Thus, when I got to the session she had the consultation tailored to my personal needs. During the session, I got a very clear idea of how it is going to work, which helped me have a clear vision of the process. The theory was very useful, however, the individual practical tips for my personal problems were golden! I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I really believe I can take over my life and have a real work-life balance! Thanks, Aya!

    AiDA Sniraite
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    Such an important topic!

    Everyone mentions productivity, 5am club, etc., but nobody, literally nobody tells that being healthy and listening to your body is way more important because otherwise you'll be burnout, tired and never reach your goals. That's why I love your approach! 

    Raul Rodrigues
    Ceo of drumap.com

    I was impressed with the structure of the course

    I recently had the opportunity to take Aya's Personal Organization course, which allowed me to revisit and deepen key concepts that have already made a significant impact on my life and continue to help me every day. I was impressed with the structure of the course, which seamlessly connected various areas to create a comprehensive understanding of personal organization. Aya did an exceptional job in making the course both informative and practical, allowing for easy implementation in daily life. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve their personal organization and I hope that it will reach and positively impact many more individuals in the future.