Healthy Productivity

  • Get more clarity
  • Plan your time better
  • Create good habits
  • Enjoy the process and achieve the result
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What does it mean to be productive?

Does it mean you should work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Does it mean you have to do a lot of tasks during the day? Does it mean you have to achieve many goals and make the most of every minute? Does it mean you feel guilty when you don’t use your time properly?

Have you noticed how much pressure there is currently from the environment to be productive every minute of every day? Also, laziness is the enemy. Procrastination is a sin. And "getting things done" only comes through hard work.

Where does that lead?

I will briefly share my experience.  

I have been a digital marketing agency co-owner for 9 years, during which time I worked on projects, ad campaigns management and helped teams increase their productivity.

I worked and spent long hours in front of a computer screen, actually nothing special and nothing different from what many of us do. But heavy workloads come at a price. So I faced a number of challenges over the years, such as constant headaches, neck pain, stress, and anxiety.

At the same time, I felt like I was doing too little and wanted to be even more productive. At one point, I caught myself no longer enjoying the process, and just like a robot doing what my calendar dictated. I felt like I was in a circle from which I could no longer exit and the speed was only increasing.

I noticed my fellow entrepreneurs have also faced similar challenges. I wanted to help myself as well as them to have more work-life balance and healthy productivity. 

Aya Jokub

What If We Have Been Thinking About Productivity All Wrong?

I started looking at it from different angles.

Laziness isn’t necessarily the enemy. It may just show that you are tired and it’s time to rest.

Procrastination isn’t necessarily a sin. It may just show that your goals aren’t aligned and clear. And it’s an opportunity to change your direction.

I understood that there is a thing like TOXIC Productivity

Toxic productivity is highly related to these things:
  • Burnout and exhaustion
  • Stress, anxiety, body aches.
  • Constant self-pressure and overworking. 
  • No enjoyment of the process and results.
  • Low self-esteem due to constant competition how to become even more productive and FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • If you experience any of these ask yourself maybe you're in a circle of toxic productivity?

    It is very easy to get into toxic productivity. Because the environment encourages us to work more and faster. Multitasking has become a completely normal thing.

    In reality, our productivity depends on many factors such as hormones, other chemical reactions in the brain and body, cycle, body aches, mood, unexpected life events, and so on.

    IT's not natural

    So what I want to say is that being productive all the time is impossible. It’s not natural. This is only my opinion and my experience, you may have a different one.

    Is it Possible to be Productive without Burnout?

    Of course, yes. What I learned is that work-life balance is the most important thing. 

    That’s why I started practicing yoga, walking, being in nature, and doing other activities more often. It helps to relax, and I noticed that when I’m more relaxed, I can be more efficient the next day. It’s a huge paradox when you really relax, you become more productive.

    Work-life balance seems such an obvious thing but difficult enough to implement. Why? Because we often have too long to-do lists and there is always a lack of time for relaxation and other activities. Isn't that so?

    So to sum up, I would like to say that healthy productivity depends a lot on your work-life balance.

    A good work-life balance allows you to enjoy the process more, feel good and actually achieve a result.
    Healthy productivity means that you have energy, motivation, healthy habits, and enough time to reach your goals. 

    How to Find more Time and Balance your Life?

    There are three main things to keep in mind


    Clarity that gives you a clear direction of your actions.


    Proper planning skills that help you plan your time more efficiently.
    There are several methods that are easy to learn and apply in everyday life.


     Action. Proper habits that help achieve desired goals and balance life.

    If you want to learn more about how to balance your life
    I invite you to join this online course

    This online course is designed specifically about these three parts - Clarity, Planning, Action.
    Online course structure:

    In the Clarity part, you will learn how to create your value statement (vision, mission, values) because if you don’t know why you do what you do it leads nowhere. You will also learn one very important exercise on how to clear your head of unnecessary thoughts, tasks, projects, and so on. You will also look at where you spend the most time and how to change that. And the most important part of this section will be your goals, you will learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and how to overcome potential obstacles.

    In the Planning part, you will learn about structure, how to organize your folders, tasks, lists, how to break down your goals and projects.  You will also learn how to prioritize your tasks, projects, which methods to use. You will learn how to create the ultimate To-Do List and what are the best practices. You will also learn about effective calendar methods and how to structurize your tasks in the calendar.

    In the Action part, you will learn a lot of useful productivity methods and tools. Action is the most important part if you really want to achieve your goals. So you will learn about a healthy routine, how to motivate yourself, how to focus better, and be disciplined. In this part, you will also learn how important it is to include sports and relaxation in your life, and in general how to balance work and life (or work-rest).

    About the Course

    In the course:

    • You will improve your productivity in 9 weeks
    • Since this is an online course, you will have the ability to connect from anywhere and learn at your own pace (~1 hour per week).
    • 9 topics to cover productivity from different angles.
    • 3 months Access to Members area:
      • Text and video material

      • Downloadable files and templates

    • Structured, clear, and practical information, adapted for people who do not have lots of time for learning long hours.
    • One-on-One free consultation about your personal productivity issue (free just for the first group).
    • BONUS. Recharge Online Yoga course. You will get 8 yoga videos to help you balance your life, get more energy and relax. Free for the first group (individually sold for 97€).

    After the course you will:

    • have clarity about what you want to achieve
    • know how to properly set S.M.A.R.T. goals
    • learn how to break down your work and goals properly
    • learn how to create the right structure for your tasks, lists, folders
    • know how to prioritize your tasks
    • learn how to create the ultimate to-do list
    • learn effective productivity methods
    • be able to create the right habits and routine
    • be more motivated to take action
    • learn how to structure your calendar
    • be able to balance your life

    Find out if this online course is right for you


    • You are a freelancer or solopreneur
    • You want to improve PERSONAL time and business management
    • You want to implement the best planning strategies you can use in any time management tool
    • Your productivity is very low and you want to improve it
    • You are committed to doing exercises and taking actions to improve your productivity and life
    • You want to balance your work and life


    • You don’t care about your productivity
    • You want to learn how to work with teams and projects
    • You think that one time management tool can solve all your productivity problems

    • You don’t care about your ability to plan and achieve your goals
    • You don’t want to do any exercises and just want to dream about a better life
    • You don’t think work-life balance has any effect


    250€ 447€

    • 9 weeks, 9 topics, ~1h per week. 
    •  It is an online course, you will have the ability to connect from anywhere and learn at your own pace.
    • 3 months Access to Members area:
      • Text and video material

      • Downloadable files and templates

    • BONUS Recharge online yoga course. 8 yoga videos. Value 97€.
    If you have a specific challenge related to productivity,
    you can always choose personal consultation


    Finally! I found productivity tips that work FOR ME!

    I really enjoyed the one-on-one session with Aiste. I found it super useful.
    First, I had to do my homework providing her with a description of the problems I face. Thus, when I got to the session she had the consultation tailored to my personal needs.

    During the session, I got a very clear idea of how it is going to work, which helped me have a clear vision of the process. The theory was very useful, however, the individual practical tips for my personal problems were golden!

    I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I really believe I can take over my life and have a real work-life balance! Thanks, Aya! 

    Aiste Tumaite / Customer Support Specialist / @0h0y0