The Secret to an Energetic and Productive Day

without sacrificing health

Your morning routine affects your entire day

How do you start your morning?

  • in a hurry?
  • without a plan?
  • no movement?
  • no proper food?

If your morning routine is chaotic, there is a high probability that the whole day will be sluggish and unorganized. 

Start your morning with the

That doesn't mean you have to join the 5 AM club or become a morning person.

What helps create an energized and productive day?


When you set aside at least 15 minutes in the morning to plan, prioritize your most important tasks, you not only create more structured and productive days but also enhance energy levels. It's much easier to achieve your goals and maintain well-being.

High-Energy Breakfast

The influence of food on your energy is immeasurable, with the morning meal being particularly crucial. It determines whether you'll be able to concentrate enough to perform necessary tasks or if you'll feel exhausted, for example, from glucose spikes.

Physical Movement

Movement activates the body and the brain.  When exercising or practicing outdoors (ideally enjoying the early morning sun light) you kickstart your circadian rhythm. It regulates your energy curve throughout the day and aids for a better sleep at night.

Make it EASIER

Join us and build HIGH ENERGY HABITS together with like-minded people

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Once you join the challenge, you will gain access to the WhatsApp group, where you will find more information and a template to complete the challenge.

⚪ Habit 1. Structure Your Day

You will learn how to effectively structure your day every morning in 10-15min.

🚶🏻Habit 2. Train Body & Brain

You will learn how to start energized morning with the right movement.

🍴 Habit 3. Breakfast for High Energy

Boost your overall energy and avoid stressed and emotional eating throughout the day.

Ketty Minissale - a Certified Nutrition Coach
Markus Kneissl - a Yoga Teacher and Movement Coach
Aya Jokub - a Project Manager and Yoga Teacher

What People Say

As a self-leadership coach and advocate for holistic health and wellness, I find the challenge a practical way to start installing some key habits in your life. Aya, Ketty, and Markus have organized the content in a very clear way and guide you step by step from the very basics. Such a great collaboration!

Mayte  Beauty and Wellness Business Coach


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